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Hr Kism Me Talaq Rokne Ka Wazifa

hr kism me talaq rokne ka wazifa , " Talaq is an Arabic word signifying "to discharge" or "to separate". Under the Muslim law, talak signifies "to unfasten the wedding hitch by articulating a word meaning separation."

In the event that a spouse expresses the word on his better half, both of them would consequently be separated and the wife would be in a condition of iddah. In the case of, amid iddah, the gatherings wish to accommodate, the separation might be repudiated without their going through the procedure of nikah. Allah says:

"Take them back on fair terms or part with them on impartial terms."

Quran – 65 : 2.

Wazifa Naqsh for Talaq:

After Maghrib Salat Recite (1000) Bismillah (finish) for atleast 40 days

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